Instructional Design

Universal Design for Learning

We encourage all Jefferson educators to create learning communities that are accessible, relevant, and inclusive.

Learners have differing needs, modality preferences, and abilities. Universal Design for Learning (UDL) is the process of improving and developing learning experiences that support all learners. The UDL framework uses scientific insights into how humans learn to design and deliver learning experiences that decrease barriers and create more equitable learning environments.

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View the UDL Guidelines to learn more about the principles of UDL (CAST,2018)

Our Instructional Design team can help you:

  • Create inclusive learning experiences
  • Diversify course content
  • Compose learning activities and assignments that foster a sense of belonging for all learners
  • Review course documents for accessibility and inclusivity improvements
  • Utilize Ally, the accessibility checker within Canvas, and interpret accessibility analytics

In addition to meeting with our team, you can use Jefferson tools to get started with UDL or consult the Additional Resources below.

Resources from Thomas Jefferson University

Additional Resources

Schedule a consultation with our Instructional Design team for one-on-one support.