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Scholarship of Teaching & Learning

"The scholarship of teaching and learning invites faculty... to view teaching as serious, intellectual work, ask good questions about their students' learning, seek evidence in their classrooms that can be used to improve practice, and make this work public so that others can critique it, build on it, and contribute to the wider teaching commons."
-Lee Shulman (Professor Emeritus, Stanford University)

The Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL) uses systematic and methodological inquiry to research the impact of teaching practices and learning experiences. SoTL is a valuable exercise to reflect on your teaching practices, with the overall goal of improving learning. SoTL projects aim to enhance learning by finding more effective and engaging teaching methods.

NEW OPPORTUNITY: Join our SoTL hybrid community for feedback and support in your research. We'll meet from January to May 2024. Learn more and sign up.

SoTL projects use a variety of research practices and methodologies and take many forms. We can provide support and guidance if you're new to SoTL or if you have more experience.

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