Instructional Design

Learning Design

Our Instructional Design team can help you with curricular design and implementation across teaching formats, including in-person, online, hybrid, synchronous, and asynchronous environments. Whether new to teaching or refreshing existing materials, you can work with our Instructional Designers to brainstorm, plan, implement, and innovate your teaching and learning practice using evidence-based practices in pedagogy, active learning techniques, educational technologies, and emerging ideas.

Collaborating with an Instructional Designer, you will create an effective learning design plan that will include the following processes:


  • Define learning outcomes using well-researched learning taxonomies (Bloom's Taxonomy, Fink's Taxonomy of Significant Learning, and others)
  • Align and map the curriculum
  • Design the syllabus and assignments

Integrating Educational Technologies:

  • Coach you through specific technology features
  • Provide recommendations on the best methods to build learning content
  • Review and create course content with user experience, organization, clarity, and inclusion in mind

Contact the Educational Technology Support team for immediate and short-term Canvas needs. Visit our list of supported technologies to find educational technologies specific to your teaching needs.


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