Instructional Design

Learner Engagement

Keeping students motivated and engaged can be challenging, especially when teaching online or in hybrid settings. But learner engagement is critical. Data shows that engaged learners are likelier to pay attention, understand concepts and be satisfied with their learning, and feel less isolated.

The challenge of engagement motivates us as instructors to find creative ways to connect with learners. Utilizing educational technologies, evidence-based practices in course design and teaching techniques, and learner feedback, you can increase interest, investment, and passion in your subject matter and the learning community you cultivate.

Our Instructional Design team can help you:

  • Integrate active learning techniques that offer collaborative learning experiences
  • Use prior learning to increase relevancy and build connections
  • Design surveys and other tools to collect learner feedback
  • Refine discussion design and management
  • Integrate educational technologies to establish and maintain engagement

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