AV Classroom Support

Support for Center City Student Organizations

Basic audiovisual support services are available to officially recognized student organizations on the Center City campus at no charge. These services include computer access and projection equipment between 8am — 6pm, excluding weekends and holidays. An AV equipment request must be placed with the AV Equipment Services division of the Academic Commons at least 72 hours before the event. To book AV services, contact our team after adding an AV services request to your room booking in Jefferson's Online Room Request System, the EMS Web App. Contact us at av.mms@jefferson.edu or call (215) 503-1290. You can leave a voicemail regarding your AV once you've secured your room via the EMS Web App.

Participants in activities related to these student organizations are asked only to use the equipment installed or present in a room where they meet if they make prior arrangements with the AV Equipment Services team. In the case of unauthorized use of AV equipment, the AV staff will shut down the equipment and remove any portable equipment that may be present where the meeting is occurring.

In addition, meeting participants and the student organization they represent are responsible for the proper use and handling of the AV equipment that has been provided for their use.

Student organization leaders are asked to contact the AV Equipment Services team for special event AV needs. Payment may be required depending on the day, time, and extent of the services needed.

Resources for Student Organizations:

  • M21 — M25 rooms on the Mezzanine floor of Jefferson Alumni Hall (JAH) are available 24/7
  • Mini projector kits are available to borrow from the Scott Memorial Library