AV Classroom Support

Price List

Audio Equipment (minimum 72-hour notice)

  • Wired table or podium microphone: $5/hour
  • Wired lavalier or floor microphone: $6/hour
  • Wireless microphone: $7/hour
  • Small sound system: $20/hour
  • Full sound system: $30/hour
  • Small audio mixer: $7/hour
  • Large audio mixer: $20/hour
  • Portable lectern with one microphone: $20/hour

Video Equipment (minimum 72-hour notice)

  • 80" TV monitor: $23/hour
  • Video projector: $23/hour
  • Windows computer or laptop: $23/hour

Miscellaneous Equipment (minimum 72-hour notice)

  • Flipchart with pads & markers: $15/hour
  • Laser pointer: $4/hour
  • PowerPoint remote & laser pointer: $4/hour
  • Tripod projection screen: $5/hour
  • Webcam: $10 per use


  • For equipment totals up to $30 = additional $10 fee
  • For equipment totals > $30 = additional $15 fee
  • For full-time technical support for the duration of the event or meeting = $35/hour

Terms & Conditions

  • A late fee of $50 will be applied to requests made with less than 72-hour notice
  • Not all equipment is available or appropriate for every event; equipment may be subject to last-minute availability
  • AV setup is completed 10-20 minutes before the scheduled event time; if you require a longer set-up time, you must include that timeframe in your AV request, and it may result in an additional cost
  • It is not the responsibility of the AV team to ensure network connectivity & IT functions