Instructional Design


Assessment helps you determine how well your learners understand course concepts and can communicate those concepts effectively.

Two types of assessment can help gauge success. Formative assessment, activities that periodically solicit learner feedback, measure if and how well a student is learning during facilitation. Summative assessment, activities like final exams and papers, occur at the end of the learning process and are equally important.

Our Instructional Design team can help you:

  • Design learning experiences focused on mastering the core competencies of a course or program.
  • Diversify the communication methods used to give and receive feedback.
  • Revise instructions to increase clarity of expectations for learners
  • Create and edit rubrics using learning taxonomies and/or inclusive pedagogy criteria
  • Use digital tools for assessment (examples: Canvas, ExamSoft, Qualtrics, etc.)

Resources from Thomas Jefferson University

  • Assessment at Jefferson — The Office of Assessment & Accreditation developed this Canvas site to provide information about Thomas Jefferson University's assessment and strategic planning tool. The site has basic information about writing course learning objectives and curriculum mapping. If you are a member of the Jeffferson community and would like access, please contact
  • Academic Commons' Educational Technologies

Additional Resources

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